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Giovanna dell Porta

Prof V. Paul Wright
Cardiff University
School of Earth and Ocean Sciences
Main Building
Park Place
Cardiff CF10 3YE
United Kingdom
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BG Energy Holdings Limited
100 Thames Valley Park Drive
Reading, Berkshire RG6 1PT UK

Giovanna dell Porta

Dr Giovanna Della Porta

Università degli Studi di Milano
Dipartimento di Scienze della Terra "A. Desio"
Via Mangiagalli 34
20133 Milano Italy

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Giovanna Della Porta

Giovanna has research interests in the architecture and faciescomposition of carbonate platforms. Her research activity focuses on high-relief carbonate platforms with steep slopes of Pennsylvanian age in NW Spain (Asturias). These carbonate platforms were characterised by microbialite growth and are investigated in terms of microfacies composition, palaeoecology and geometry (lateral continuity and vertical stacking patterns of lithofacies types from platform top to slope). The aim of this research is to unravel the controlling factors of non-actualistic (late Palaeozoic) microbialite dominated carbonate platform margins. Giovanna is involved in projects aiming to a better constraint of the secular variation of abiotic (cements, ooids) carbonate precipitates during the Phanerozoic as a function of changing seawater chemistry, sea level and climate. Carbonate platforms architecture, controlling factors of the high-relief geometry, relationship between steep slope and microbialite formation and greenhouse shallow water cyclicity and facies mosaics are the aims of a study on a continuously exposed carbonate platform of Early Jurassic age in the High Atlas (Morocco). Present research activity focuses on non-marine carbonate deposits ranging from hydrothermal travertine to cool water tufa and lacustrine bioherms. Giovanna acquired teaching experiences in sedimentology, stratigraphy and basin analysis at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam and the University of Potsdam (Germany) before starting her position as a lecturer at the Cardiff University in August 2005. Currently she has a research/teaching position at the University of Milan (Italy), Department of Earth Sciences.

Paul Wright

V. Paul Wright is a Professor at Cardiff University, School of Earth and Ocean Sciences (Cardiff, UK) and a Principal Consultant sedimentologists at BG Group, Reading, UK.
The main focus of Paul Wright’s academic research is on using taphonomy and forward modeling to better understand the meaning of sedimentary successions. The taphonomy research with Lesley Cherns in the School of Earth and Ocean Sciences (Cardiff University) uses taphonomic windows providing near life assemblage compositions to investigate the incompleteness of the fossil, and so carbonate, record. The research  shows that the vast bulk of skeletal molluscan carbonate deposited in low energy marine settings is geologically rapidly back-fluxed to the water column, hugely skewing the fossil and sedimentary record. Forward modeling in collaboration with Peter Burgess (now at RHUL) and research students has focused on using modeling experiments to test and isolate key controlling factors in creating different carbonate platform geometries and their reservoir scale architectures. Paul’s applied research relates to asset studies in offshore Brazil, Kazakhstan, North Africa and India.

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